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The Value Connection can draw more attention to your goods or services!  We promote Value Connection inventory items with printed inventory lists at our studios and at our website  We're also talking about our Value Connection inventory items on-the-air over all six radio station and on a weekly radio program on WJON from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

Our Value Connection shoppers can buy anytime through our secured website at  They can also place orders by phone 6 days-a-week and can pick-up their orders or have their orders mailed to them.

Customers can also buy and pick-up certificates at the Crossroads Center Guest Services Desk, SCSU Atwood Memorial Center Information Desk,  the Miller Auto Plaza Guest Services Desk or at our front desk at Regent Broadcasting.


The Value Connection is a win-win-win solution for everyone involved.  We know that's a pretty big claim, but it's true.  

You see, we here at Regent Broadcasting contract with businesses like yours to offer a given item or service for sale on the Value Connection.  A customer buys from us the certificate for your business at a discounted price.  The buyer then gets to use that certificate for its full value at your business.  So far, so good?

Now here's where the magic happens.

After we sell a certificate, we credit your business with a percentage of the full retail value of the certificate -- normally 85%.  Your business can use this advertising credit with any of our six radio stations or websites.  And if your advertising credit doesn't quite cover your bill, you'll need to pay the rest in cash within 30 days.

If your item or service doesn't sell, you're not out anything.  You're never charged for us trying to sell your items or services on the Value Connection.

Once you put a certificate on the Value Connection, we’ll supply the certificates for you for free or we can use your own certificates or gift cards. Either way, we make the process as “turn-key” as possible for your business! 

So now how does everyone win?   Well, the customer buys a $10 certificate. We get $7 for that certificate and give your business $8.50 in advertising credit.  The customer saved $3.  We got $7 we didn't have.  And you're ahead because the wholesale price of what the customer bought is LESS than the $8.50 your business got in advertising.  

Like I said -- win-win-win.  


Whatever items or services we agree to sell on the Value Connection should be representative of your business and offered at your everyday selling prices, reflecting the price an average customer would normally pay.

Your certificates may be general enough to allow Value Connection customers to buy any item or service your business has to offer.  You can note any restrictions you may have on the actual certificate.  

The minimum certificate amount is $10 (or a pair of $5 certificates).

We don't guarantee if or when your certificates will be sold.  That all depends on our Value Connection customers.

And we reserve the right to sell all of your certificates at one time.


Use your Value Connection credit just like cash with us. Spend that credit towards your existing advertising invoices or bank the credit and use it later in the year.  You can use your credit for any advertising we sell, including primetime ads.

You do need to use your Value Connection credit within one year of earning it.


Yes, but if your advertising order costs more than what you have sitting in your ad credit bank, you'll need to pay the balance in cash. 


Once a customer buys a certificate, there are no refunds.  Unless there are very special circumstances, Value Connection certificates are non-returnable.  If a customer has a refund issue, you should have them contact our Value Connection business office. 


Your business should collect sales tax on general merchandise Value Connection certificates.  Specific item certificates may have the sales tax already figured into the selling price, or your business may choose to collect the tax when the customer comes in to redeem the Value Connection certificate.

We will talk to you about these sales tax issues before your item or service is offered on the Value Connection.

To get started, call us at 320-251-4422.

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